Abecedarian Prelude:

All are astonished as ambiguous animals admire and arrange art.
Before broad brush-strokes, bemused beings begin braying “Beware! Beauty!”
Creatures creep closer, craning craniums, crying “Caution! Creation!”
Dazzled does, dogs, drays, domesticated doves, dromedaries, deep diving dolphins-
Erect ears, eager eyes, exert echolocation, evince enthusiasm, encourage emulation.
Find feathers, fins, fur, fear, fury, fully forgotten for fellowship.
Giddy-up! Gallop grandly! Gather gladly!
Here happiness hardly hides herself,
Immanent inspiration in its inclusive ingenuity:
Joyously join jeweled juxtapositions. Justified jealousy jeers -
Kangaroo keeps keys kited, Kingfisher keens, keeps kittens kenneled.
Longevity’s little losses laugh loudly, lick llamas – lack language.
Meanwhile, mature mammals match minds, masticating meaning.
Not nearly napping, nanny naturally notes ninety numbered names, “Nonsense!”
Other objectives on offer: otters overturn oddities, owe overwhelmed officials oysters.
Precariously perched preening parrots preach provokingly, prating “Paintings!”
Quadrupeds quote quails, quickly quash quitters, query “Questions!”
Remember, ragged reader, resting resemblances resist ready rousing-
Sad, so soon songs sever subterranean streams, seem superfluous, sink.
Too true, teachers tell tales, talk tall, temper tricky truth to tame tigers.
Underneath us, universes undulate unseen, unseamed, unseeing
Veiled, violent, vain, violating vaunted values.
We wait with wombats, wondering. Whales wander waves while we wilt.
X-winged xylophages xeroradiograph xiphias.
You yell “Yes!” yielding yesterday yet yearning yearly:
Zoolite zones zip zilch, zealous zebras zoom zoom zoom

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Animation: Julie Püttgen
Text & Vocals: JS van Buskirk
Music: James R. Carlson