Difficulties don’t dazzle differences
Quelling quick, quickly quashed
Noncommittal nexus, nonsense nought
Master more monastic media
Harridans hide hidden healing
Fish flock for fractured friends
Isolated in iniquity, illness includes
Jaunty journeys’ jumbled jumps
Yearning: yesterday’s yellow yak
Lifts leaf. lipstick lasts
One occasional oblate oceans
Creation cluster: curmudgeon’s chores
Weighing wide willowy wisdom
Arriving animals abate anchovy
Unending unknown: underperforming ungulate
Sequence: sailor sun surly
Barbarian beginnings bend behavior
Vainly vacillate vertiginous vintner
Kelp kingfisher kindle killer
Perforate patience purple please
X-ray x-acto xeme xiphia
Growing  goats gather gateways
Zealously zipwire zinnia zenith
Rendered rambles,rejuvenated respites
Turn to turnips taught turmoil
Expanding elements envelop eternity.


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Text: JS van Buskirk, in chance collaboration with Julie Püttgen, James R. Carlson, and Matt Gilbert
Music: James R. Carlson Music: James R. Carlson
Animation: Matt Gilbert